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Many men dream of having a high-performance Nomos Replica watch, perhaps they do not have the opportunities to dive into hundreds of meters, but that do not hinder their fanaticism to diving watches. To understand the origin of this enthusiasm, we should speak from the waterproof watches.

With the development of the times, the best Nomos Replica watch that has water resistance function has been general accepted. Waterproof expression can be divided into two types. One is water depth (m) and another one is a compressive value (Bar or ATM). About the waterproof watches, national standards and international standards have a clear regulation: the waterproof watches must withstand 2 ATM, which is equal to 20 meters water depths. 30 meters waterproof watches can withstand three atmospheres, and so on. The premise of this standard is the time during the test in laboratory conditions, the temperature is maintained at 20-25 degrees Celsius, and watches and water were tested in quiescent state, in this case, if the watch can also waterproof, that is qualified. Generally, waterproof watches specification is divided into the following categories: 30-meter water resistant can be used for daily washing or rain, that water droplets spilled on the surface and has not any water pressure is added to the watch. The most common is the watch marked with 50 meters water resistant, and this can be used for general housework and shower, while 100 meters waterproof can be used for swimming and snorkeling. The watches only reach over 200 meters waterproof that can conduct underwater diving activities. It is important to note that, according to the American Federal Trade Commission issued rules, watch sellers can't mark the watch as "completely waterproof". Even watches are designed for deep-sea diving, also do not claimed for completely waterproof, because waterproof watch is not permanently, it could affected by wear or time. Gasket may corrode or deformation and the case will damage or crystal glass will loosen or rupture.

The difference of aaa Nomos Replica watch and waterproof watch is waterproof watch just designed for daily use, but diving watch is a professional precision timepiece that guarantees a certain resistance to stress, in particular diving depth. The powerful features and the masculine appearance of the diving watch, making many men enjoy this watch.

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